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Wieben Landscapes has operated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for the last 10 years. The founder, owner and operator, Ingo Wieben, born in Germany in 1969, immigrated to Australia with his parents in 1983. He has been working in the civil and residential landscape design and construction industry for nearly all his life. In between working he studied civil engineering, architecture, building design and drafting and completed parts of a bachelor of humanities degree. Ultimately his passion, skills and talents brought him back to Landscape design and construction, finally establishing his company in 2010.

Ingo Wieben
Founder and Principal

I was born in Bremen, Germany in 1969 and immigrated to Australia with my parents in 1983. I have been working in the civil and residential landscape design and construction industry for nearly 30 years. In between working I studied civil engineering, architecture, building design and drafting as well as humanities at university. I completed an apprenticeship as a 'Steinsetzer' or stone setter in Hamburg, Germany in 1992, and my passions, skills and talents always brought me back to Landscape design and construction, until I finally established my own landscape design and construction business in 2010. My experiences in Germany left a deep impression and it is with great enthusiasm that I have tried to bring those experiences and techniques with me to Australia.

Victor Revoredo
Skilled labourer

Victor is a keen apprentice and skilled labourer. He has been working in the landscape construction industry for 18 months and has been with Wieben Landscapes specifically for the last 12 months. He is a reliable, hard worker, eager to learn everything to do with Landscape construction and design.

There are a number of other landscape construction specialists who are frequently employed by Wieben Landscapes as the need may arise, ranging from plumbers, electricians, concreters, renderers and many others.

Juciara Rodrigues
Accountant and bookkeeper

Juciara Rodrigues has been the office backbone of the company from the very beginning. She handles the financial side of operations and ensures all bureaucratic and regulatory aspects are handled in a timely and reliable manner. Born in Brazil, where she studied and worked as an accountant for almost 15 years, Juciara emigrated to Australia in 2007 and has happily lived here ever since.

Without her, the company would not be able to function as smoothly and securely as it does. And it is due to her diligence and hard work ethic that the company has been able to rise to its present position. 

Ingo Wieben
Design & Drafting

All the landscape design is done in-house by myself. I have studied Building design and Drafting at Holmesglen as well as completed 3 years of a Bachelor of Architecture degree at RMIT. My passion for landscaping and landscape design have sprung directly from my hands-on experience in civil construction and private/residential landscaping, which I learnt in large part from my father, with whom I worked for many years. But the backbone of my abilities stems from an apprenticeship I completed in Hamburg in 1992. It can be said that 'Stone setting' as practiced in Europe, is in my blood, as my great grandfather paved one of the first cobble stone roads in Schleswig Holstein in the late 1800's. My grand father too owned and operated a road construction company in the 1930's and then my father too owned and operated a road construction company in the 70's, called 'Wessels Hoch Tief'. An apprenticeship followed in my early years and many construction methods and ideas were brought back to Australia from Germany, which have allowed me to offer a definitive European feel and style in my design ideas and construction methods.

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