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Design and Construction

The Design Process
In close communication with the client we carefully plan and create a design brief which will form the bases of the works required. We may use different media to find exactly what the client desires, combining structural elements with planting, taking into account natural light, orientation, spatial requirements, the usages the client desires for the different parts of the landscape, etc. Once the brief has been established to the clients satisfaction, a CAD drawing of the design will be produced, which will then undergo further testing and scrutiny together with the client, to ensure all areas have been covered and the best possible design solution for the budget, functional and aesthetic requirements has been attained. 

Then the final design can be drafted and all necessary construction drawings can be completed. With these drawings in hand we are now able to obtain all necessary building permits to ensure all works will proceed within all council regulations. The design process, including all permits and the design drawings themselves, are usually costed at between 5-10% of the total construction cost. For smaller, simpler jobs often a sketch design will suffice and be part of the total construction cost.

The construction process
Initially, the site may require preparation which can include the removal of all unwanted vegetation and structures as well as the establishment of new soil and ground levels. Then, the new layout of structural elements such as paving, retaining walls, water features, planter boxes etc. are marked out as per plan; drainage is installed as required and foundations are poured. As the structural elements are built and completed, the planting areas are then prepped, the soil is conditioned with new appropriate soil types to get them ready for planting. 

Last but not least, the chosen plants are brought in and planted in their place followed by the installation of lighting and irrigation. A mulch layer to cover the exposed soil areas is applied for added moisture retention, better plant propagation and aesthetic reasons. Finally, the entire landscaped areas will be cleaned. Paved and concreted areas will be pressure and acid washed and pre-existing elements will also be brought back to their original condition. It is important to note that the client may be closely involved during the construction process to ensure all new elements are of the type, style and in the place expected, as it can sometimes be difficult to envisage the designed plan in reality.


Services & areas covered

We offer the installation of all types of stone for feature or retaining walls. Dry stack stone walls using locally sourced natural stones such as Tuscan, Granite or Mud rock, are a speciality. All types of stone, as desired, may be used to construct feature walls, retaining walls, planter boxes or used to clad existing surfaces, internally and externally.

Paving types
We lay all types of paving stone in all different patterns, locally sourced, from sawn bluestone to sandstone to concrete pavers, bullnosed for steps or as coping around pools. We cover the entire spectrum of stone materials used for paving, specialising in granite cobble stones laid in bows or M pattern for driveways, as seen in Europe. Also, mosaics as seen in Portugal, Italy and Germany, are another speciality. These skills were learned in Hamburg, Germany during my apprenticeship and later reinforced through my father who also learned and worked in road construction in Germany for many years. We also do most types of concreting including exposed aggregate concrete driveways.

Decks, Gates & Timberwork
We design and build all types of decks, pergolas, gates, fences, seats and more, using many different types of timber such as Spotted Gum, Merbau, Ironbark, Blackbutt, Grey Box, Stringybark, Messmate, Mahogany, Treated Pine etc., sourced locally as far as possible. The timber slats are often attached to welded and powder coated steel frames for added strength and durability. Following a design, bigger structures are inspected by Council engineers and permits are obtained as required for structures above $5,000.

Concrete work
For all masonry walls footings are poured to established standards and permits are issued through council, following before and after inspections. Paving areas are usually completed on reinforced concrete slabs which we pour and screed to exact height and size specifications. Exposed aggregate concrete slabs in many finishes are also offered and completed to exact specifications and standards for driveways and footpaths.

Tanks and Irrigation
We install all types of irrigation, large or small, to cover all planted areas as required. We also install water tanks of various sizes, completely connected to roofs and automated using quality pumps and 4-16 station controllers.

Low and High voltage lights can also be designed and installed by us, as required. Lighting can have amazing effects on the atmosphere created by a garden, especially at night.

The planting scheme is developed along side the construction plan. It is developed in close communication with the client to establish the right moods and aesthetic effects desired. Plants are selected from the best stock available and chosen to be the most drought resistant and suitable for the given design brief requirements. All plants are sourced locally as far as possible. 

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